Troop690.com was originally created as a Communications Project by Adam Kubizna (the current webmaster). Since
2006, it has evolved into a different type of website, providing pictures, a calender, and more. In November, 2008, the
Troop 690 Membership Database opened providing the troop a way to communicate interests, and more.

Troop690.com is property of Troop 690 chartered by the Valley Sportsman Club, Oliver PA. This website is
maintained by the webmaster, and troop leaders.

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Troop690.com is only responsible for the content of those websites, please see policies for more information.
The following
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history, and policies
of Troop690.com.

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word that when clicked on sends you to another web page, picture, or page
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Troop690.com E-mail Policy

Please be aware that if you post your e-mail address in our guestbook that Troop690.com is not liable for
any e-mails received that are not on behalf of Troop690.com (thus meaning its Webmaster,Scoutmasters,
Troop 690 Membership Database, Troop 690 Facebook Group)

*If you receive any e-mail that says it is from Troop690.com and is not from the

-Troop 690 Membership Database
-Troop 690 Facebook Group

Then please e-mail the webmaster about the situation.

*Updated November 4,2008 16:53
Troop690.com Link Policy:

Troop690.com is not liable for the content on other websites it is linked to i .  Any content that is proven to be foul,
obscene, or not in a scoutly manner must be reported to the webmaster for investigation. By clicking on a link to
another website you agree to the following policy.

The exceptions to this policy are,
-Pages that are owned by Troop690.com
-Troop 690 Facebook Group

Updated: Tuesday, January 27th,2009 09:13
Publication Consent:

As of January,2009 for a member of the Troop's name, be captioned on a picture, name be posted on the website i ,
the scout must sign a publication consent form which must be initialed, and signed by a parent or guardian as well as
the scout. For more information on this please contact the webmaster.

i. This is not limited to the guestbook, or Troop 690 Membership Database.

When you post information on the guestbook you knowingly are putting your information on the web which can be
accessed by anyone, by clicking "Sign the Guestbook" you are agreeing that anyone can see your name and e-mail
address. *For more information please see Troop690.com E-mail Policy

The Troop 690 membership database is a secure server and has its own set of policies.

Updated: Wednesday, January 28th,2009 21:20

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